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Hand Services


Designs included in any service.

For the purchase of any service, exempt from classic service, you can choose designs, effects, French manicure, ombre effect or crystals!!

Valentino Beauty Pure

In our salon we use a high quality gel polish line.

โคMore than 180 colors to choose from

โค Cruelty-Free & Vegan

โค Highly Pigmented Formula

โค Fast Soak-Off Removal


We work with more than 31 acrylic base colors and countless pigments for your choice.

โค Cruelty-Free & Vegan

โค Non-Yellowing

โค Superior adhesion


We take care of your nails working with high quality products. Our base, top coat, dehydrator, monomer, and protein bond are from recognized brands that are friendly to our health.

  • Flor Celeste Nailspa

    • We are a beauty shop that focuses on manicure and pedicure services.
      We love our work and we reflect it in the love we put into each service.
      Our goal is to deliver the best experience, we want to be able to give you the hours of relaxation and beauty that you need
  • Open hours

    Monday โ™ก 11am to 8pm

    Tuesday โ™ก Closed

    Wednesday โ™ก 11am to 8pm

    Thursday โ™ก 11am to 8pm

    Friday โ™ก 11am to 8pm

    Saturday โ™ก 11am to 8pm

    Sunday โ™ก 2 pm to 8pm

    You can ask for appointments at other times

  • Disinfection and sterilization of products

    Our tools that we use in each service, have a high cleaning and sterilization system. We clean them after each service then we sterilize them with suitable products to eliminate any bacteria that remains on the tools, we ha have ultrasonic machines to enhance sterilization.
    Our utensils are completely disposable, for each service we perform we use a set of utensils that are completely discarded at the end of the procedure, so we make sure not to contaminate our clients' nails and maintain health as a priority.
  • How to take care of your nails after the services?

    Do not expose hands in hot water for a long time.
    Avoid direct contact with chemical products (dye, chlorine, etc) wear gloves.
    Do not bite or scratch hard surfaces, nails are not tools.
    Moisturize your hands with cream and oil.
    After any accident with your nails schedule an appointment to fix them.
    Product removal must be done by your manicurist. Don't do it yourself.
  • Payment system

    We have many payment options for our clients, we accept these
    Cash, Debit and Credit Cards, Electronic wallets, Zelleยฎ, Bank transfers, WebPay.
  • Our location

    We are located at
    37 Northwest 166th Street local-6
    Miami, FL 33169
    United States